alone-schoolAs a person of color attending a predominantly white school I often was subject to bullying—especially in a school in which the principal did almost nothing to address these problems. But this wasn’t the only place the school system dropped the ball.

It was clear that not all students were created equal. I saw that certain students received help applying to colleges and getting letters of recommendation—but the rest of us got little attention at this time of transition. In fact, I recall only one time that I actually met with the guidance counselor to discuss my options. It seemed I was destined for community college. Maybe I could major in hospitality because, “being a hotel manager wasn’t that bad.” Who knows, “I might actually be good at it.”

Ridiculous! Is this really how all kids were treated?

I can’t begin to imagine how often this happens throughout our country. How many kids are slipping through the cracks of the education system? Kids are troubled with their issues, and most go unnoticed. Our kids need to have real support to ensure that school is a place with the personal and opportunities that enable all of us to reach potential.

I want to be the one to tell them that they are not alone, and that their goals are always achievable, even when things seem so dark.


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