Dale Jarvis, CPA, a healthcare financing consultant, presented on how our “fragmented sick-care system” is being transformed into a new kind of “health-delivery” system in which organizations are focused on “the creation of health” and not “the delivery of care.” These organizations try to prevent illness and to create healthy individuals, so that preventable illness is managed and costs are minimized.

They make money by offering a holistic program: behavioral care, nutritional education and care, stress reduction, and traditional and alternative medical models. “One-Stop Health and Wellness Centers”, says Jarvis, will be “customized to the needs of the neighborhood, and driven by the expectations of the Millennial Generation.”

Referring to Paul Farmer’s book, “Realigning Health with Care”, Jarvis says that we need a “broader definition of People, Place and Program,” well beyond the concept of the “medical home” which centralizes the primary care setting for the patient but doesn’t do much for the creation of health.

I find Dale’s work to be approachable by the non-financial clinical practitioner. It is open-source and available on his website and invaluable as we move forward into the uncharted waters of healthcare reform. The essentials of Jarvis’s presentation may be viewed here. Take a look at a different way of thinking about your future!


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