Ferguson pictureMessage received: “It is perfectly acceptable in the United States of America for a white police officer to shoot down an unarmed black teen.”

This is the word from Ferguson, Missouri, where there will be no indictment against Darren Wilson, the policeman who killed young Michael Brown. Frustration, sadness, disappointment, and anger are felt by people of all races as they hear of this decision by the local judicial system.

Social justice and human decency seem to be missing in certain parts of this country, and the issues they raise are not just momentary. Our responsibility within the social services is to advocate for social justice/ equality, and the struggle continues when society allows the unnecessary tragedies like this one to happen with no consequence. Certainly our youth have got the message that what happened to Michael Brown in Missouri and to Trayvon Martin in Florida were justifiable acts. Who are we, and what horrific examples are we setting, if any “difficult encounter” between an authority figure and a young black man ends in the death of an innocent kid, with no one to blame?

Had the roles been reversed, and a black cop had killed a white kid, would the cop have gone free?

If you feel this is not justice for Michael Brown or his family, sign colorofchange.org’s petition here.

(Image via Seen.co, “Inmates in Boston jail put hands in the air after taping the name Mike Brown on the window of their cell” via @jonwiener1.)


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