Sheriff Obama is right to take his anti-gun campaign into the streets of America, because the violence will not be stopped in Washington.

Congress is not listening to him or to the majority who wanted something done, ifgun violence  only as a tribute to the little victims of the Newtown. As conducted on Capitol Hill, our national gun debate has (as usual) been hijacked by the gun-lobby with its money, fanatical followers, and media visibility. The problem behind gun-violence, per the NRA, is mental illness and the problem of how to screen potential mass-murderers. Guns do not kill people; crazy people do.

Although Congress continues to dodge the issue, the fact is that the nation is in the grip of a public-health disaster, an epidemic of murder and suicide by handgun. Americans—alone among the peoples of the world—kill each other with guns by the hundreds this week, at the rate of about a thousand per month.

Stopping this war against ourselves is the real problem; but the gun-lobby has everyone ignoring the millions of handguns and the thousands of bodies and instead looking for the next deranged person who will lay hands on a gun and commit a mass killing. Horrifying as those killings are, much more horrifying is our daily national bloodbath—guns are everywhere; if you’re angry enough, just pick one up.

No one will try to stop you.


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