What is Clinical Social Work? Clinical social work is a behavioral health profession whose practitioners, educated in social-work graduate schools and trained under supervision, master a distinctive body of knowledge and skill in order to bring about the healthy bio-psycho-social functioning of people—individuals, couples, families, groups—of all ages and backgrounds.

What is ACSWA? ACSWA (American Clinical Social Work Association) a unit of the Center for Clinical Social Work, is is a national online organization and community for clinical social workers. ACSWA maintains a content-rich site, driven on a social media platform, that sponsors forums, offers products and services, and produces information about the marketplace and clinical careers.

What is the Center for Clinical Social Work? The Center’s main purpose is to promote clinical social work as a central health profession based on bio-psycho-social competencies, values, and methods that result in supreme behavioral healthcare. The Center seeks to be a unifying force amid the diversity and dynamism of a profession with 200,000 members nationwide, constituting the largest provider of behavioral healthcare and related services in the United States. In addition to advocacy and education, the Center conducts board certification (through its ABE unit) and sponsors a web-based community (through its ACSWA unit).

What is ABE? ABE (American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work), a unit of the Center for Clinical Social Work, is the national standard-setter for the profession. ABE maintains an online directory of certificants, and issues credentials for advanced generalists (BCD), clinical supervisors, children/families practitioners, and psychoanalysts.

What are some important issues in the profession?

  • Some schools do not adequately prepare graduate students for clinical practice.
  • Often, clinical supervision is not available in work settings.
  • Younger clinical social workers tend not to self-identity in terms of their profession.
  • Younger clinical social workers are insufficiently supported, rewarded, and recognized as professionals.
  • State licensure laws and regulations differ greatly, without portability.
  • Mid-career colleagues are passed over for promotion and not adequately compensated or valued for their abilities.
  • No national organization has promoted the rights and recognition that clinical social workers deserve.
  • The Affordable Care Act is causing many changes in professional practice.

What is ACSWA’s Bill of Rights for Clinical Social Workers?

The Bill of Rights summarizes for clinical social workers their rights to practice as professionals–rights that are promoted and defended by the units of the Center for Clinical Social Work.


What is the Clinical Connection? The Clinical Connection is ACSWA’s membership program for graduate students, new professionals, and advanced practitioners. Lear more about ACSWA’s membership here.

Who is the provider of the liability insurance? ACSWA has teamed up with HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization) which provides the best coverage available to our members

Which devices are compatible with ACSWA eBooks? eBooks are available on iPad, Nook, and Kindle.

How do I redeem my free eBooks? Once you have become a member of ACSWA, the “Member Resources” page will appear in the main navigation bar. From there, you can download all of the eBooks in your preferred format.

Where do I purchase my e-books? You can purchase all our publications right here in our store, or you can find them through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore.


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