As reported earlier, three major American corporations—JP Morgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, and Amazon—have banded together to try to create a new-model healthcare system for their employees. The consortium has just hired John T. (Jack) Stoddard, formerly general manager for digital health at Comcast, as the Chief Operating Officer of the new enterprise.

Stoddard, a Harvard Business School graduate with no experience specific to behavioral health, is seen as an innovator in corporate healthcare, having built companies that rely on data to guide healthcare consumers in choosing care. In his new role Stoddard, who has made a career in business and technology, will work under the surgeon and author Dr. Atul Gawande, CEO.

Stoddard was a founder of the startup Accolade, a so-called digital health company that provides employees with online healthcare care-management information and navigation toward services. Data-driven Accolade was successful in signing up large corporate clients, including Comcast, which subsequently recruited Stoddard to integrate an array of tech-based health services aimed at better care and choices for employees.

The hiring of Stoddard signals the corporate consortium’s commitment to using data technology as a means of guiding employees’ choices and access to healthcare. The consortium hopes to create a healthcare delivery model that is an improvement over the current American non-system, with its unprecedented amounts of waste, redundancy, and expense.


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