5476227151_8fe48c1e63I’m entering the senior year of my BSW program, involving the completion of over 400 hours of field placement under supervision on-site and guided by professors throughout this process. I believe this time will be incredibly valuable as we move through our last year as undergrads.

With some anxiety, I realize I will be juggling more than ever. Like many of my fellow students, I work full time. Now, beginning a field placement, I wonder how I will handle my new schedule and other commitments. Time management is crucial to my taking care of myself because it seems all too easy to lose track of our own needs as we dive into our responsibilities.

At a recent orientation, I met the other students with whom I will be working and they had similar concerns—“how will I balance my current job and field placement?”, “I need to still make enough to support myself/my family”, or “when will I have time to see friends and family with all that I’m taking on?” It’s a lot to mentally prep for going into the most important time of our educational careers.

I hope to take full advantage of this opportunity. I urge other students, in their agency settings, to ask questions, absorb information and prepare to be a little stressed-out through the process, because, after all, we are human! Use the resources available to you like your faculty members and your peers who are experiencing similar feelings. It is a challenge but in the end it will be rewarding.

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