ACAThe Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) keeps chugging along, bringing healthcare—including behavioral healthcare–to millions of people who otherwise would not have coverage. Despite campaign rhetoric, federal court lawsuits, and dire political death threats and presidential predictions, Obamacare, minus Obama, remains relatively healthy: “there is no evidence that the ACA marketplaces are collapsing,” according to Lawrence Levitt of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Additionally, Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings predicts that many insurance companies will make small profits under the ACA in the next few years. This, no doubt, would keep them committed to the future of the ACA, just as they were committed to its creation, with major input into the year-long proceedings of the Senate Finance Committee that created it.

The Trump administration has failed in its effort to replace the ACA. There are three ways to proceed: to keep on as-is, to mobilize Democrats and Republicans to improve the ACA or replace it with something better, or Trump, Speaker Ryan, and their adherents could withhold the ACA insurer subsidies and thereby (per Levitt) “make the market collapse if they chose.”

How has the ACA affected your clients and your practice? How would you improve it?

Piece by Robert Booth.


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